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speech analysis on Malala Yousafzai – Nobel Peace Prize speech by Malala Yousafzai  via youtube:Make sure you actually WATCH not just listen to the chosen speech. You may need to listen to the speech a couple of times to complete this assignment. I.  The chosen speech    1.  Who was the speaker?    2.  What is the title of the speech?    3.  Where was the speech given?    4.  Who was the audience?II.  The introduction    5.  What was the attention getting sentence? (Give the actual sentence from the speech)    6.  Did the speaker preview the main points of the speech? What were they?    7.  What was the speaker’s central theme or specific purpose?III.  Delivery:  Content and tone    8.  What were the main points that were made in the speech?    9.  What kind of speech is it?  (Informative, persuasive, motivational etc)   10.  What first impression did the speaker create?   11.  Was the delivery smooth, without long pauses, or with uh’s or um’s?  Why or why not?   12.  Did the speaker have good body language, eye contact, gestures and voice inflection? Explain.IV.  Structure   13.  How was the speech organized?  (Chronological, topical, spatial, etc)   14.  Did the speech have a clear beginning, middle and end? Why or why not?   15.  Did the speech contain effective repetition?  If so, how?V.  Conclusion   16.  How did the speaker summarize?   17.  How did they connect back to the introduction?   18.  Did the speaker achieve their specific purpose? Explain.   19.  Was there a call to action or a motivational purpose?  Did it work, why or why not?   20. What is your opinion of the speaker and the speech?  What did you think about the content and the delivery?  (Eye contact, gestures, voice inflection, movement)   Give a thorough opinion of what you thought of the speech and why.  A minimum of five  sentences .