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Reflection Paper 2.1: Conflict Analysis Paper (1000-1250 words)Reflection Paper 2.2: Conflict Analysis Paper (1000-1250 words)Identify a conflict that you face or have faced in your profession, business, church, family or other organization because of specific beliefs, values, and/or behaviors connected to your worldview.Describe the conflict situation. For example, what core belief or value of yours was challenged? Was your value/belief held explicitly (spoken) or implicitly (unspoken)? And was it challenged explicitly or implicitly? How did this impact your relationship with the organization?What did you think and feel about the conflict? Identify your cognitive (thinking) and affective (feeling) responses. Reflect on what you thought and felt as you noticed (or continued to notice) your core belief/values challenged. What were your original thoughts and feelings, and what happened to them over time?How did you handle it? Identify the specific approach(es)you used to address this conflict. In the lecture Beliefs, Values, and Behaviors you will find examples of types of responses to worldview conflicts, and you should integrate this terminology into the paper.Why did you handle it that way? Self-reflect on the kinds of decisions you weighed and the influence of factors such as (but not limited to): personality, organizational power, core beliefs and values, religious convictions, etc. How might you choose to respond to the situation todayAs you reflect, identify and discuss possible points of connection between how you handled it (your behavior) and the thoughts and feelings you identified in the second bullet. How might the implicit or explicit nature of both your value and the challenge influence the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that you’ve experienced?At some point in your paper as you reflect on how to face conflict surrounding your values, find a way to connect your reading from Dr. Martin Luther King’s¬†Letter from a Birmingham Jail.Grading Criteria: See Reflection Paper grading criteria in the Recurring Assignments section of the syllabus.