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Project Overview:At their foundation, AP English classes seek to teach students how to read, consider, and analyze college-level text independently. This semester’s independent reading assignment will require you to read the novel “American Sniper” on your own, analyze the rhetorical situation and style, and articulate your conclusions by answering the questions below in subsequent detail. of your chosen novel. We would like you to deeply examine the components of the rhetorical situation and message of your text. Think about the components of SPACE CAT (SPACE= Speaker, purpose, audience, context, exigence; CAT = Choices (rhetorical choices), Appeals, Tone) and how you would creatively represent them by answering the questions below. Your job is to present the significant rhetorical components of your novel to a potential reader.Information you must include:Quotes and commentary explaining their significance to the novel (at least 2 significant quotes included!)SPACECAT Components:Who is the Speaker? What is he like? (3 Sentences)What is the purpose of the novel? What is the author’s purpose for the book? (4 Sentences)Who is the audience? Who is the author writing to? (2-3 Sentences)What is the context of the novel? (3 Sentences)What is the exigence? (3-4 Sentences)The most impactful choices (rhetorical choices) in the book? (5+ Sentences, 6-7 Recommended)What are the frequent appeals throughout? (4+ Sentences)What is the Tone throughout (does it change?) (if so, when?) (4-5 Sentences)Any biases/shortcomings of the novel (3 Sentences)Appeals—where are they and how are they created? (3 Sentences)What is the author’s message and is it achieved? (3 Sentences)Would you recommend this book? Why? (Unlimited, 1-Infinity)If you cannot get past 3 sentences for some of the questions, you can just leave it at three. None of the answers should be less than 3 sentences unless specified otherwise (Ex. 2-3 Sent or Unlimited)All you have to do is answer there questions, be detailed in your responses, have no answers be less than 3 sentences unless specified otherwise, and have fun!