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Need an research paper on the current conflict in syria involvement of turkey. Needs to be 5 pages. Please no plagiarism. According to Rodgers et al. (2014), nearly 200,000 people have died due to serious conflict in Syrian between forces opposing Bashar Al-Assad’s rule and forces supporting the Syrian president. The conflict started in March 2011 in one of the Syrian southern cities after a group of teenagers were arrested by the police in Syrian. The teenagers were accused of painting their school walls with catchphrases calling for revolution. The torture of the kids led to serious protests, but the government forces took down the protestors killing a few. In July 2011, more and more people came out to protest despite the killings by the security forces. The rising number of civilians at hands of the security forces forced the opposition to acquire arms to secure themselves. They also acquired weapons to fight the government security forces that were killing the civilians. The conflict when on and by 2012 the whole of the Syrian state was in a civil war. Rebel groups were formed by the opposition to counter the government forces. The rebels took over a number of cities and towns. Rodgers et al. (2014) reveal that the war between the forces loyal to the Syrian president and the rebels reached the city of Damascus in 2012. According to the report by the UN, nearly 90,000 had lost their lives by the year 2013. A year later the number doubled, a UN reports state that 191,000 people had died during the war by the year 2014. Rodgers et al. (2014) point out that the current conflict in Syria has moved to another level. Previously, the war was between people against Al –Assad rule and Basher Al-Assad forces. However, things have changed. the war is now between the Sunni majority group and the Shia group. More groups are also flowing into Syria to join the war. Other militia groups such as Islamic states have raised leading to serious conflict in Syria.According to Erimtan (2013), Turkish government is directly involved in Syrian war. The author argues that the Turkish state is involved because of the support of the regime against the Assad government. Turkey supported the Muslim Brotherhood that has had a difference with the Assad rule. The protest by the Syrian civilians against Basher Al-Assad’s rule was a beginning to the end of Assad’s rule.