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Informative Report: RevisionOverviewChoose a household appliance in which you have some familiarity (such as a vacuum cleaner, toaster, hair dryer).Rewrite your earlier Informative Report: Draft assignment (mechanism report), making the necessary adjustments for format and content. If necessary, tighten up (condense) or expand on the appliance information. Review the clarity and brevity of content and correct editorial issues. Read the mechanism report example in the textbook if you have not done so already.InstructionsThe document must include:Headings.At least one graphic.A logical spatial order.Citations of any sources and graphics if taken from a source.In your document, you should:Ensure the document is clear and brief.Exercise logic in your design, including placement of headers and graphics.Use appropriate language for the audience and purpose.Follow the steps identified in the textbook.Make sure to include a summary for your informative report. You may wish to refer to your Week 5 Discussion post to review your thoughts regarding best practices for a summary in an informative report.Cite sources, including any graphics.