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I will pay for the following article Story of Aileen Carol Wuornos Who Is Serial Killer. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Dale Pittman was a convicted child molester and committed suicide in prison (Myers, et al 2005). Diane Wuornos, on the other hand, left her children to her parents – Britta and Lauri Wuornos. They both abused the kids as well, emotionally and physically. The grandfather proved to be harsher as he beat them even if their skin “was still raw from previous assaults”. Aileen sometimes wished that she wasn’t born (Hickey 2009).Aileen’s aunt recounts that the child Aileen had so many behavioral problems that made schooling quite difficult. She had little friends and was a bit of a pyromaniac. in fact, she had burned a part of her face one time. She also had many visual and hearing problems. Her IQ was only 81 (Hickey 2009).Many people describe her as an incorrigible person and had a temper. She did not socialize with her peers but always performed sexual acts with boys for loose change or cigarettes. She was labeled as a slut and whore and other derogatory names. She had no friends when she graduated from high school (Myers, et al 2005).She got pregnant at the age of thirteen and the father of her child was her grandfather’s friend. She had to put up the baby for adoption because she can’t raise a child. She was a regular alcohol drinker at age 12 and she ran away from home at age 15 (Myers, et al 2005). Her grandmother died, followed by her brother’s death. At this time, she wasn’t living with them but was always on the road, making money out of prostitution and panhandling (Hickey 2009).When she was 20, she moved to Florida and married a rich 69-year-old man (Hickey 2009). The marriage only lasted for 60 days because the man is abusive. Her grandfather committed suicide then. She followed suit and shot herself in the stomach. Needless to say, she was unsuccessful. She had 6 attempts of suicide between her ages of 14 – 22. She also had unrealistic expectations this time, like, applying for a lawyer even if she did not have a college degree (Myers, et al 2005).