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I will pay for the following article Analysis of Articles about the Education and Method of Teaching. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The different strategies adopted by the teachers to solve the problems are discussed. Some of the contemporary issues in dealing with the students are also discussed. The requirement of communication in both the ways in the process of learning is also dealt with. The articles intended audiences are mainly the students of a little bit higher educations, for example, graduation onwards and of course the teachers of lower as well as higher education and professors in the subject of education namely B.Ed. and M.Ed. The levels of these articles are medium to comprehend. Though the audience may be of any background to understand the matter of the articles, the background of teaching is more comfortable to comprehend the topics (Bieber and Jacoby 2002). Some of the articles are empirical in nature through various concept are applied to understand the behavior of the students but the nature of these articles are not conceptual as there are various experiments done in the classroom to improve the status of the students in terms of memory and learning capacities with various successful results. There is numerous empirical evidence in all the articles to support the claims made by the authors (Bieber and Jacoby 2002). Some of the articles are conceptual in nature as they suggest the theoretical aspect of developments of the students. First article “Inquiry as key to early childhood teacher education” by Louise Pavia is dealing with the method of inquiry about the behavior of a child in the process of learning. When a child is unable to understand the depth of the study the need for inquiry about the learning process, the child is being offered and the areas in which his/ her weakness make hindrances in the process of learning is being identified with the solutions for eradicating the problems. The inquiry is done to find out whether the students deliberately create the problem or it is due to the mental illnesses, which make the barrier.&nbsp.&nbsp.