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Hi, need to submit a 250 words paper on the topic Unit 4 PP Mini. A Risk Management Plan al Affiliation) A Risk Management Plan – Birthday Party Preparation The preparation for a birthdayparty would be incomplete without the development of risk management plan. The events therein, from the decoration to cleaning the environment to the erection of the tent throughout the party itself, risks are inevitable. Some of the possible risks would threaten the health and wellbeing of the planning personnel and the party attendants. As such, during the planning, the identification and assessment of risks is critical (Royer, 2013). Several risks were identified as possible of occurring during the process of planning to the accomplishment of the plan. Accidents during the erection of the tent, destruction of property during the party, fighting and other violent acts, breaking of bottles and glasses, and cuts resulting from the acts are some of the risks identified. Accidents during the preparation of the tent, cuts, and an arising medical condition require an articulate risk management strategy. While caution and guidance is required, the occurrence of such issues demands immediate first aid. As such, first aid kits and an efficient first aid individual or staff is essential for the alleviation of the possible detrimental effects that can arise. The team need to be alert and available throughout the process. Therefore, it should be a member of the planning team (Royer, 2013).In addition, violent acts and unruly behaviour, destruction of property, breaking of glasses and other acts are risks that need prioritization. These acts would most likely result from young adults enchanted by the prohibited. Such acts can be curbed by availing a security personnel during the event.The security personnel will be well equipped to ascertain minimal disruptive, with certainty of no serious effects. For instance, while it may be impossible to prevent unexpected behaviour, the personnel will ensure that such actions will not get out of hand to cause harm or destruction (Royer, 2013). The prioritization of the risks will lead to certainty in the implementation of the risk management plan. However, proper financing is critical to the success. As such, there will be need to ensure that the $500 budget will meet all the specifics of the party and stand efficiently for the risk management plan. ReferenceRoyer, P. S. (2013). Project risk management: A proactive approach. Vienna, Virginia : Management Concepts.