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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Philosophical Importance of the Worldview. He defined that the culture, language, and linguistic communities usually develop simultaneously and they are related. They all require one another in a way, making them co-exist with each other. Humboldt believes that human beings play a part in the creative exchange, and they play their part by taking charge of the speech that they use and slowly continue to modify the language.In the 20th century, the philosophical importance of worldview became clear to the people in the world. Philosophy is the study of the fundamental problems that are, in a way connected to reality, knowledge, values, reasons, mind, and language. James W. Sire, in his own ideas, defines worldview as an orientation of the heart and can be expressed as a story that may be true or not, and it holds a huge part in the construction of reality. Sire goes ahead to say that all the people’s decisions and actions should rely on the worldviews consciousness, and this will help people be able to communicate genuinely with all the other people. Worldview is a broad topic, and it touches on most of the fundamental factors that are related in a way to the society that we live in and the world at large (Hebert, 2008)Having looked at the worldview and religion, it’s time to look at the Christian worldview as a whole and specifically on the kind of steps that can be able to integrate the faith of Christian. The Christian worldview is simply the framework of ideas and beliefs that people who believe to be Christian and groups of culture interprets and interact with the world. In the modern world, different kinds of Christians have different beliefs, and this brings around disputes of the meaning of concepts in a Christian worldview. Talking of different Christians, it’s the different denominations that different Christians have and are willing to follow to the end, depending on the kind of beliefs that they have. Northrop Frye tells the world that the Bible is one of the system&nbsp.metaphors that represent the Christian worldview.