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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Approaches to Questions. It needs to be at least 500 words. Approaches to Research Questions Introduction Prepositions, perceptions, problems and misconceptions have resulted into development of systematic techniques to investigate novel facts, develop new theories while reaffirming of discarding previous ones, or find data applicable in finding solutions to existing or future challenges. The act of developing such systematic techniques is referred to as research. Carrying out research takes on different designs as dictated by the research topic hence required data in making inferences, discussions, and conclusions. According to Creswell (2003), there are two main research designs. qualitative and quantitative. Whereas quantitative research involves establishing of statistical conclusions with respect to a population though studying a sample, qualitative research aims at providing description of events in their natural setting (Creswell, 2003. Flick, 2002). Studies and researchers are usually guided by the topic or aim of the study to select appropriate research design. The following discussion provides example of topics that could employ each of the research designs identified above. Quantitative Research DesignAre physical activity programs in elementary schools related to academic performance?Creswell (2003) confirms that quantitative research design involves the application of statistical data and analysis in making inferences and conclusions about a given subject. In most cases, quantitative research design attempts to establish the correlation or relationship between one set of variables (independent) and the other set of variables (dependent). In this question, the researcher has the task of finding out the correlation between participation in physical activity and academic performance. In this scenario, it will be difficult to observe the events in their natural state rather it will require finding out from elementary schools. Given the many elementary schools within a given location, it will not be easy to study all of them. Therefore, there will be need to have a sample from which information will be obtained. While attempting to answer this question, a researcher will be better of employing quantitative research design as it will not only be appropriate but will provide accurate data for making valid conclusion. Qualitative Research DesignIs there a grieving process that women who have recently miscarried go through?Flick (200) asserts that with qualitative research design, a research attempts to observe events in their natural form. In this case, no numerical or statistical data is required to make inferences rather a researcher simply studies the participants. In most cases, the method of data collection in a qualitative data is usually interviews and observations. While answering this question, a researcher will want to observe how women who have miscarried carry on themselves after the incidence. The question requires researcher to find a process that women who have miscarried undergo as a way of grieving. In answering this question through a study it will be difficult to use statistical analysis rather observes the events in their natural state. Qualitative research design in this scenario will provide an opportunity for the researcher to study and interview women who have miscarried in a bid to finding the answer. Therefore, this question suits the application of qualitative research design. In conclusion, it is vital for researchers to designed a proper research design that will enable them attain their aim and objective effectively and efficiently. ReferencesCreswell, J.W. (2003). Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches. (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.Flick, U. (2002). An Introduction to Qualitative Research. (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications.