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Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses laboratory workers. Controlling involves determining whether or not the resources available for the operations of a company are used effectively. It has a close link with planning since it entails checking if the allocated resources have been utilized properly. Tools such as auditing could be employed to control the use of resources in an organization.2) Safety incentive programs are essential in ensuring organizations are lured into practicing safe methods of production. This is essentially important in the manufacturing industry that produces a lot of wastes in the form of gases and solid debris. Incentives that promote the use of methods that reduce the production of poisonous gases are necessary to reduce illnesses and environmental degradation. Although the overall burden is borne by the taxpayers who have to pay more to cover for the incentives. A survey of the safety situations in the neighborhood reveals that there are a lot of young people getting involved in criminal activities. For the past decade, the research reveals that crime levels have increased by 10%. The criminal activities revolve around attempts to secure basic needs. The gang attacks its targets and robs them of cash and other valuables. The level of unemployment in the neighborhood has reached an all-time high. Out of 10 people aged between 18 and 30, only 5 are in formal employment. 2 do odd, random jobs while 30% depend on their parents for upkeep. This is the most probable reason for crime in the neighborhood. To combat these activities, the deployment of more security personnel may only create illusionary calm. The only way to make the residents of this neighborhood safe is to create employment opportunities for the youth in the region.&nbsp.