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Compose a 1250 words assignment on perception investigation: common misconceptions of highway safety. Needs to be plagiarism free! Now let us talk about perception-reaction time. This is how long it takes a person to react in a situation, for example, in driving. Although some people have tried, there are no definite seconds or minutes to measure a person’s reaction. Even if there is, it would vary depending on the person and other variables. When talking about perception-reaction time, please remember three things: thinking, acting, and the device.Let’s say you and I are both driving our cars on the same road but towards each other. Before you react and avoid me, your brain goes through several mental stages. This is the thinking stage. First – detection. Your brain recognizes there is a shape before you. Second – identification. Your brain cells tell you the shape is another car with its driver. Third – Mentally, you take in the scene. You and I are going to collide. Fourth – You decide what to do. All these four things must be done mentally in a matter of milliseconds. Remember you still have to react.Now that the thinking stage is done, let’s discuss how you will react. Of course, your initial reaction would be to avoid me. However, that takes several movements on your part such as lifting your foot off the gas pedal, putting both hands on the steering wheel, etc. These would also need to be executed in just milliseconds.