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Complete 1 page APA formatted article: MGMT236 U2 DB. Staff Meeting Profesor Indeed, the use of staff meetings is a very good idea in finding definitions to the key values. The main objectiveis to make use of force field analysis to help come up with proper decision. The firm should ensure that a proper questionnaire is formed (Addleson, 2011). The questionnaire should be free from biasness and personal opinion. In forming and creating the questionnaire, a lot of considerations have to be put in mind. Firstly, the type of audience that the questionnaire targets. This will greatly help in analyzing the type of question that will be asked. Furthermore, it also helps the researcher know what type of response that will be given out (Addleson, 2011). The staff meeting is an important tool in improving the validity of the questionnaire. A staff meeting will make different people converge and bring ideas together. Ideas that will help the organization move forward (Addleson, 2011). When everyone contribute in the meeting and use the time wisely, then it will be a lot easier to generate definitions to the key values. This method would also enable proper understanding of all areas of the firm (Addleson, 2011). Thus, the end results of the meeting would lead to the creation of a proper questionnaire that is elaborate and touching on all the area of the firm. Top management team should facilitate such a meeting to take place (Addleson, 2011). The staff meeting only proves advantageous hence. the firm should always continue to do this. Such meetings bring the members of the organization together and keep everyone united. When a staff meeting takes place, then it is assured that the questionnaire will be of very good quality (Addleson, 2011).ReferenceAddleson, M. (2011). Beyond Management: Taking Charge at Work. London: Palgrave Macmillan.