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3,100-word, double-spaced essay in which you prepare a thoughtful response to the following problem: 
  Be sure to use APA style (Links to an external site.), include at least 3 scholarly sources, and consider the following:
· Describe the policy you have chosen – What is the purpose of the policy
· How was the policy adopted (this section should be bulk of paper)
o History
o How are the issue and policy currently being framed
o Key players
o What framework lead to adoption (Multiple-Streams, Advocacy Coalition, Policy Entrepreneur, etc…)
o How is/was the policy evaluated
· Policy Successes and Failures
· Relevant- what strategies are available to keep the policy and issue relevant (Does there need to be a new narrative or policy entrepreneur?)
· Reformed- How the policy might be successfully reformulated in light of recent political developments, realities, constraints, challenges, and opportunities