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1. Watch the video https://youtu.be/6bzDVgBhrhY
· Consider how you would address the problem(s) you wrote about on the Discussion Board in Unit One by applying the speaker’s six precepts.  How might you tackle not one problem but a constellation of problems?  Be specific in your recommendations/solutions.
Then, respond to two classmates posts.  Consider writing: Can you think of more examples to illustrate any of their points?    Which specific parts of their posts do you agree with?  Why?  Are there any parts you have a different view?  How so?  (Remember your Netiquette and discuss ideas, not writing style or personal beliefs.)
I will post my response for unit one and classmates’s post in the attachment for reference and reply.

2. watch the video https://youtu.be/SdDE9ubu7uk
After watching the video, compose and post a discussion of the concerns on both sides of the debate on whether colleges should open for in person classes or remain closed and have classes online.  What’s your opinion?  Why?  How might decisions in Fall 2020 affect education in 2021 and beyond?
Then Then, comment on two classmates’ posts–relate their views to yours.
I will post classmates’s post in the attachment for reference and reply.