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Please post your magazine cover links here so I know which one you decided. If you didn’t complete this in the nearpod lesson just attach it here. The assignment directions are as followed: 
LINK: https://time.com/vault/year/2020/
Find an advertisement in a current magazine and analyze it in terms of its subject, purpose, audience, voice, unity, and coherence. Pay attention to both the written and the visual text. Write a few sentences for each element, describing to the reader what visual or verbal cues helped you determine the audience, purpose, and other elements.
Use the link I provided to search for an image you want to write about. Please copy the image’s LINK/URL and post that to moodle so I know which cover you picked! 🙂 
Then you may use this to list the subject (who is for); purpose (why was it created); audience (who could it reach); voice (formal/informal); coherence (does it have a theme?) and post those answers here.