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Latino Foods
For this discussion we’ll explore Latino foods. We’ll specifically focus on Central America (broadly), Mexico, Cuba, and Ecuador. There are many, many more fascinating countries to explore, so I’ve included an overview article that might be helpful. Some of my very favorite dishes and food experiences come from these cultures and I’m excited to hear about yours!
Confused about what Latino means? Check out this quick video:

Here is a nice overview article about Latino food culture (no questions for this one, but might be helpful): https://www.micfood.com/blog/the-diversity-of-hispanic-cuisine-from-mexico-to-the-patagonia/ (Links to an external site.) 
Central America-Mexico article (mexico and central america.pdf):

Describe 3 important foods and/or dishes in Central America. Number your responses and be specific and clear.
Describe food throughout the day in Central America.
Choose 2 regions in Mexico and describe their unique foods, dishes, and cultural traditions. Number your responses and be specific and clear.

Cuba-Still Afloat (cuba-hungry planet.pdf): 

Describe food rationing in Cuba. Be specific and clear.
What are typical food rations in Cuba?

Ecuador-Pobre Pero Sana (ecuador-hungry planet (1).pdf): 

Describe the eating habits of the Ayme family. Be specific and clear.
What is cuy and what is its importance in Ecuador? Be specific and clear.

Your experience:
1.If you’re from one of these cultures (or another Latino one that we didn’t mention), please share one to two experiences! Or, if you’re not from one of these cultures, please share your experiences with one or more of these cultures. For this round, this is a required question instead of a bonus. 
Wanting more? Check out this BuzzFeed video about Latino desserts-it’s a fun one!: