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For this self-assessment, we are interested in your perspectives on how your background, education, experiences, etc. have influenced your entrepreneurial behavior.

In a first-person narrative of approximately 4¼ single-spaced pages (12 point, Times New Roman, 1″ margins), we ask that you explore each of the elements discussed in this Module (confidence, risk tolerance, interpersonal skills, and social capital) with an orientation towards your historic decision-making.
You can use the google document posted below as a reference to how the paper should be structured
In your narrative, be sure to integrate your findings from the interim evaluations (confidence, risk tolerance, interpersonal skills, and social capital). As I am your primary reader, you may assume that I am very familiar with these topics and their importance to entrepreneurship (i.e. please do not provide definitions of the terms, avoid discussing their importance to entrepreneurship in a general sense, etc.). The narrative should focus on you and your decision-making to date.

The assignment is not to convince the reader that you have outstanding entrepreneurial behavior but to honestly and measurably (with your four interim evaluations) explore your own entrepreneurial behaviors. We will not be grading the “goodness” of your entrepreneurial behaviors. Instead, grading is based on how comprehensively and rationally you connect your entrepreneurial behaviors (as measured with the four interim evaluations) with your historic decision-making.

Our objective with this assignment is to help you baseline your entrepreneurial behaviors today in route to enhancing it throughout our program. 
I need the results from my evaluations carefully integrated into the essay from both a business perspective and personal perspective, (You can be creative) 
No sources needed, please no plagiarism!