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Summary Essay: This assignment includes two parts: reading an article, writing a summary.
See Chapter 18 in Evergreen for more information on writing a summary.

1. Essay description and details: For this essay, you will write to your audience using a formal tone about the article assigned. Be careful not to add your opinions about the topic, just summarize the article. In other words, the reader will know the article and its primary purpose without having to read it.
1. Your writing style:
a. Write with a formal style and tone — like you would perform an academic report to your classmates. Be sure it is organized and easy for the reader to follow. Read it aloud to test this out! Better yet, read it aloud to someone else and get a peer review.
2. Include all the things we have learned so far:
a. Title
b. Intro, Conclusion, Title
c. Summary, Quotes, Plagiarism
d. Subject/Verb agreement, Sentence Structure, Commas
3. MLA or APA Format
a. Include in-text citations for every reference to information from the article
b. Include a works cited (MLA) or reference page (APA)