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For this assignment, you will be writing an essay about understanding evolution and why it is an important scientific theory to know.
Consider the following question:

How would you explain evolution to someone who is not familiar with the topic? What examples illustrate what evolution is?

What would you say?  Be sure to include answers to the following questions:

What makes evolution a scientific theory? Why is evolution an important scientific theory to know? What examples illustrate why evolution is scientific?
What is the difference between believing evolution and believing in evolution? What examples illustrate the difference?
Why is it important to understand evolution? Should all beliefs be respected even if they are wrong? What examples illustrate your ideas?

Here is the answer to the most common question about Essay 1.
All questions must be addressed in essay format. All answers to questions must have examples illustrating them. It is recommended to format the paper with the questions as headings to make sure they are addressed in the paper.
This assignment must be written using a word processing program and saved either as .doc or .docx. ASA format is required. All information must be cited in ASA in the text and at the end of the paper. It is expected that at least one reference from the course is used, such as the textbook or lab book.
 Your paper will also be simultaneously submitted to Turnitin, which is a plagiarism detection program. 

Here is information on how to format your paper. 
Here is information on how to cite by ASA.