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Assignment 1: Exploring Research on Social Problems
For this assignment, we will choose a social problem and start to explore research that has been conducted on the topic. You will search the APUS library and other “reputable,” scholarly websites and find at least 5 sources that have studied your social problem in some capacity. 

Choose a social problem
Search the APUS library, Google scholar, and other reputable, scholarly sites to find research studies on your topic. 
Create an annotated bibliography for 5 scholarly sources. Each annotated bibliography should include the following, 

An overview of the article topic
The research method used for the study
The study results
How this article fits with your chosen topic

Do not use unverifiable, secondary sites such as Wikipedia, about.com, ask.com, and similar. Use our course materials, peer-reviewed journal articles from the library, and other scholarly sources.
If you are unsure about how the structure of an annotated bibliography should look, check out this Purdue OWL website, which offers an overview of how to construct an annotated bibliography along with some examples. https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/general_writing/common_writing_assignments/annotated_bibliographies/annotated_bibliography_samples.html
General requirements:

Submissions should be typed, double-spaced, 1″ margins, times new roman 12 pt font, and saved as .doc, .docx, .pdf.
Use APA format for citations and references
View the grading rubric so you understand how you will be assessed on this Assignment. 
Disclaimer- Originality of attachments will be verified by Turnitin. Both you and your instructor will receive the results.
This course has “Resubmission” status enabled to help you if you realized you submitted an incorrect or blank file, or if you need to submit multiple documents as part of your Assignment. Resubmission of an Assignment after it is grades, to attempt a better grade, is not permitted.

Due DateSep 27, 2020 11:55 PM