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Select a U.S. publicly corporation in media or film. Using the company’s most recent annual report (or Form 10-K) from the company’s Investor Relations web page and other credible internet sources, develop a short (1.5 to 2 page) profile of the corporation.  Obtain and attach a PDF version of the most recent annual report (or Form 10-K) from the company’s web site.  Include the following information:Name of the corporation and location of corporate headquarters.State of incorporation.The stock exchange on which the company’s stock is traded.Nature of its operations.The fiscal year end date of the annual report you used.Total assets on the balance sheet.Total revenues on the recent income statement.Net income on the income statement.The basic earnings per share reported on the recent income statement.The depreciation method used by the corporation.The inventory method used by the corporation. If the company does not report inventory on its balance sheet, state that in your report.Description of classes of stock (e.g. common, preferred, Class A, etc.) and the number of shares authorized, issued and outstanding for each class, from the balance sheet or notes.Market price of the stock on MM/DD/YYYY (Instructor to update) (Yahoo finance or other stock quote site).High and low prices of stock for the past 12 months (Yahoo finance or other stock quote site).Dividends paid for each of share of stock during the year covered by the annual report from the income statement or notes.The name of the Registered Public Accounting Firm who audited the company’s financial statements.Discuss something that you found interesting in the annual report, that you didn’t know before.If you had $10,000 to invest, would you invest in the stock of the corporation you chose. Provide your opinion and support your opinion with evidence from your research. Submit the following two (2) items:A Word document including the answers to the questions above. The document extension must end in .doc or .docx.A PDF copy of the annual report you used to answer the questions.Submission must be 1.5-2 pages long and in essay format.  Each answer must be in complete sentences, using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.This is an individual project. Your submission will be submitted for plagiarism detection.