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1. Review Chapter 12. Choose a topic of your own choosing where you must compare or contrast something. Write about it in the comparison/contrast pattern [subject-by-subject or trait-by-trait]. At the end of the essay add an outline of your essay that demonstrates the similarities and differences.

Refer to page 44 in your textbook 
Students may choose to write their Compare and Contrast essay on a topic of their choice. You are encouraged to avoid trivial topics. Please choose a topic that you are interested in, will require some research and benefit your because you have chosen that topic. 

A good way to do this is to chart your issues. An editing checklist is provided in Course Materials to make things easier. Look at your last essay and, on the chart, check off areas where you need to improve. Then look up these areas for improvement in your textbook, using the index to identify pages to review.
2.Journal Entry:

Your journal entry must be a least 2 paragraphs. Please begin to brainstorm ideas for your final paper. What direction are you leaning? Why does this interest you? Do you have a good idea of what direction to go in terms of your research?