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This course’s term project will be a Reflection Journal. From week 1 to week 7 in this course, you will engage your thoughts and abilities as a scholar. You will write at least 200 words (by the end of each week), reflecting on what you learned during the course of the week, from the discussions, the reading, class assignment, and participation. Further, include your feelings, and personal thoughts. It is your opportunity to reflect on your past week.
At the end of week seven, your journal will include seven entries, all tying to course material. After you finish your week 7 entry, post another paragraph of at least 150 words and reflect on the course in its entirety. What did you feel was most beneficial? What personal connections were you able to make during the seven weeks? What skills did you obtain that will benefit you in your career field? 
Also, feel free to add anything else about the course and its content.