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Speech Analysis and Review
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*** Please AVOID political campaign speeches (very few visual aids and movement is often limited) ***
No need to respond to a classmate.
Please copy & paste in message box & attach worksheet
** Remember to HIGHLIGHT key terms from our course readings.
Please use the worksheet located in the Public Speaking Module.

I have a dream – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

(this is not allowed because I’ve received more than 65 reviews of this speech over the years.  It is a great and powerful speech that you SHOULD see but I want you to choose something different for this assignment as I’ve reviewed this one far too many times.  Research and find other human rights leaders from around the world and review their speeches.)
*** Definition of SPEECH for this assignment ***

1.  Video includes a real human body that can be seen moving as well as speaking

2.  CANNOT be merely a video/audio clip of someone’s voice 
1. Review & Print (if necessary) a copy of the Listening Worksheet

2. Go to one of the following websites and select a VIDEO of a speech to review:
SAMPLE Speech Analysis and Review assignment.docxwww.youtube.com
http://www.americanrhetoric.com/ (Links to an external site.)
http://www.learnoutloud.com/Free-Audio-Video/History/Speeches (Links to an external site.)
https://www.history.com/speeches (Links to an external site.)
 (Links to an external site.)3. Complete the Listening Worksheet based upon the speech video you have selected.
4. A note about “transitions and transitional phrases” in public speaking.  Transitions are the same things as “signposts” discussed in Module Reading 9.3.  
Please check out this website for more information on transitions/signposts:
https://sixminutes.dlugan.com/speech-transitions/(Links to an external site.)  
5.  Post completed Listening Worksheet in the DB forum thread for “Speech Analysis & Review”.  (Please copy & paste AND post as an attachment)
LISTENING WORKSHEET: Practice your listening skills by completing this form as you listen to a classroom speech, a speech on videotape, or a speech outside the classroom. 

Provide the url for the speech you reviewed here:
What is the topic of the speech?
What is the speaker’s specific purpose?
HIGHLIGHT with background color-Which of the following methods of gaining interest and attention does the speaker use in the introduction? 

¨ Relate the topic to the audience ¨ State the importance of the topic
¨ Startle the audience ¨ Arouse the curiosity of the audience
¨ Question the audience ¨ Begin with a quotation
¨ Tell a story ¨ Refer to the occasion
¨ Invite audience participation  ¨ Use visual or audio aids
¨ Refer to a previous speaker ¨ Begin with humor

Does the speaker include a central idea/thesis that previews the main points of the speech in the introduction?
List the main points developed in the body of the speech.
Are the speaker’s main points clear and easy to follow throughout the speech? Why or why not? (Do not just answer YES or NO)
Does the speaker use a transition/signpost or other connective between each main point of the speech? Please list a minimum of one used in speech if they are present (FYI – they SHOULD be present).
HIGHLIGHT with background color – Which of the following methods of referring to the central idea (thesis) does the speaker use in the conclusion? 

¨ Restate the main points  ¨ End with a quotation
¨ Make a dramatic statement  ¨ Refer to the introduction
¨ Challenge the audience ¨ Call for action