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Please read the following instructions very carefully. The first writing assignment requires you to respond to four questions in essay format. The items are as follows:
1 – Who am I?
2 – What am I?
3 – Am I all that I ought to be?
4 – What is my purpose in life?
Additionally, you must respond to the four questions in no less than two double spaced typed pages.
Please think about each question, both critically and seriously. I humbly request that you present a well-presented product. The font that you use will be 14’ and please no excessive or large margins.
The writing assignment must be sent to my Medgar Evers email address, which is ([email protected]).
The assignment is due Thursday, September 3rd, by 5 PM.
Please make sure to list your full name, class, and section, college name, and a contact telephone number at the top of the first page.
I will use this writing assignment to verify the roster. Any student that fails to submit the task will be marked absent and not active. I need everyone to cooperate so that I can certify the enrollment with the Registrar. Verification of the roster is crucial in aiding students that receive Financial Aid.
Any student that may have a question concerning the assignment should email me immediately. I will respond to your questions or concerns as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your attention and participation.