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1) a dollar a week will affect the import export relation by causing the dollar to depreciate significantly. when the dollar depreciates it means that to purchase something your going to need more dollars that it originally cost. the way that a dollar a week will affect trade is that it will make goods cheaper so essentially you can then buy more goods for the same price as before, which in return makes exports increase in the US. as for exports those would decrease because you need more money to buy whatever good or service you are trying to purchase. 
2) the way interest rates are figured is by how high the supply and demand is. with an increase in money supply it affects the interest rates because if there is more money in the world that means that there are people that are not borrowing as much money from the bank. but when you do end up borrowing when the money supply is high it allows for lower interest rates because there isn’t such a high demand in loans, but it also means that the money you put away in your bank will also be accruing lower interest rate as well because there is more supply then demand. 
3) For this third one it was extremely hard for the simulation Im going to be honest I worked all morning on this simulation trying to win and I could not get it the closest I got was 5.12% for unemployment and 3.38% for inflation  
1. Weak dollar affect the export-import relations by limiting the amount of an item that can be purchased. A weaker dollar means it is worth less and other countries don’t value it as much which results in less bang for your buck. This also has a negative effect on the economy.
2. If there is an increase in the money supply than it will dilute the value of a dollar and make it less valuable. This can cause interest rates to drop as money is now more accessible. 
3. 2020-09-10 _1_.png  I began the game by increasing and decreasing the interest rate by large amounts and noticed that it had an intense effect on unemployment and inflation so how I was able to win was by performing small manageable changes in favor of what needed to be effect the most. If inflation need to drop I would raise the interest rate and if unemployment needed to drop I would decrease the interest rate.