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Congratulations. Your project has been staffed and you are about to meet with the team for the first time. Initial impressions are important and you’ll need visuals for your presentation. Create a slide show (in PowerPoint or similar software) in which you address the following, in this order:

Goals: What the project hopes to accomplish.
Critical Success Factors: Identify at least four different stakeholders; for each, list at least two things that the stakeholder requires in order to deem the project successful.
Acquisition strategy: Should the system be built in house, created by a contractor, purchased off the shelf and customized, or leased as a service? Explain your rationale.
Resources: For in-house development, what people and skills are required and what development life cycle do you recommend? Otherwise, identify three candidate organizations that can deliver the system.
System functions: In a table format, summarize the types of users for the system; the business reason(s) each would use the system; the ways that the system supports each of these needs and how this support differs from the current system.
Connectivity: Provide a diagram that shows how the system will connect to the other information systems and what data flows among them.
Security: List the most serious cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities of the new system. Suggest strategies to address them.
Mobility: Identify the system’s capabilities for mobile use. Include a title and summary slide.

Use one slide for each of the preceding eight points.
Include speaker notes or audio narration that explains each slide more fully.

Absolutely no plagiarism
Follow all directions given above
Use the downloads below to help with the power point
Make sure you stay on topic with each question and a slide follows after
Use scholarly references if applicable
Follow APA format

Develop a business case to convey the value of the information systems solution to an audience of diverse stakeholders.