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Please upload screen captures of your two block diagrams and a screenshot of your outputs (using “scope”). Please label your plots to differentiate position, velocity, and acceleration for each problem.
Problem 1:
M=10, K=2.7, g=9.8, F(t)=17
Problem 2:
M1=8, M2=15, K1=3.5, K2=1.5, B1=.7, B2=3.5, F(t)=17
For reference, please use the following: (file is attached

Problem 3 (for problem#2):
Write a matlab script to solve the simultaneous solution to the above problem. Take a screen shot of the generic equation (with constants) generated. You do not have initial conditions to arrive at the complete solution so only the generic solution is needed. A screen capture of your script and solution equation is sufficient.