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Based on the article that you selected, please answer the following questions:

What information system did they implement?
Why did the company decide to implement the information system?
Was the implementation of the information system successful? Why or why not?

Please respond to this discussion post with a link to the article, and your answers to the questions above. 
Additionally, please respond to at least one other student’s post. Based on the article that they selected, do you think that the implementation of the information system was successful? Why or why not?

here is the students post that you need to reply to “ https://www.forbes.com/sites/pamdanziger/2019/04/07/walmart-is-in-the-lead-in-the-soon-to-be-35-billion-curbside-pickup-market/
In this article from Forbes they’re telling us about how successful the fairly recent implementation of the new Walmart Grocery Pickup service is. The Pickup service allows you to order your groceries and other items through the app, all you have to do is drive there to the designated spot and wait for the employees to bring your order to you.
Walmart implemented this service to gain more customers. Many people are turned away from Walmart because of the high volume of customers, sometimes long lines and a lot of walking around to find what you need since it is a big store. 
Walmart is very successful with the Pickup service. A large percentage of customers use the service and Walmart is the leader in curbside-pickup when it comes to large retail stores. They were also the first big retailer to jump ship on a large scale to this recent service that is now implemented in different businesses all over. I work at Walmart and we have lots of employees in the Grocery Pickup department and ever since the start of the Covid Pandemic they have been even more busy“