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1. What is political culture and how does political culture different from public opinion?  Please make sure to include the most potent agents of political socializartion. 
2.  Does government follow or create public opinion?  AND what the theory of political generations?
Please provide specific examples to support your answer. 
3.  The democracy cannot exist without interest groups, then how does government create interest groups?
Please provide specific examples to support your argument 
4.  Which is more effective in terms of promoting interest group effectiveness: Lobbying legislators or lobbying executives?
Please provide specific examples to support your argument.
5.  How does the economy influence elections?  
Be specific and provide examples. 
6.  Why has U.S. voting turnout risen recently?  What does voter turn out mean to politicans or politicacl parties? 
7.  What does income inequality mean? and why has income inequality grown in the United States? 
8.  Can democracy exist without competing parties?  and how do you classify political parties on an idelological spectrum? 
9.  Analyze the financial crisis and the U.S government resonses.  Be sure to examine the conflicting views about the policies the government put in place. 
10.  Why does some government inspire so much hate? How are the actions of government perceived by the public?  Describe attempts by public administration to solve the problem of power in politics.  Does the issue ever get resolved?  Why and why not?  Is this evidence that even a corrupt government is better than no government?