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** Remember to include your word count.
** Remember to HIGHLIGHT key terms from our course readings.
Please make sure you have read our module on Nonverbal Communication and review the Nonverbal Categories listed that module before responding to this question.
In our module on NVC, we learned about nonverbal communication and how it interacts with and compliments verbal communication. We also discovered that the majority of the message meaning comes from nonverbal communication. This chapter list and explains 9 types of nonverbal communication; kinesics, haptics, physical appearance, artifacts, proxemics, environmental factors, chronemics, paralanguage and silence.
To answer this exploratory question choose five of the nine types and write a paragraph on each explaining what it communicates nonverbally about you. For example how do you use kinesics, and what does that communicate about you? Do people sometimes misinterpret what your face and body motions mean? What do your artifacts say about you, if anything?
The answer to this question must be typed in Microsoft Word, not Word Perfect nor in any MAC/Apple processing. I can only open documents in Microsoft Word. Please make sure you put your name and date at the top left hand corner of the paper. At the end of the paper put the word count, which should be between 350 – 500 words.