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Read the case ( attached file )
and write a 4-6-page case analysis addressing the following questions.
1. How did the nonprofit organization, DonorsChoose.org, start?
2. What needs does the organization address?
3. What is the mission of the organization? (Hint: you can find the mission statement from the organization’s website)
4. What is the broad social, economic, and political context that fosters the inception of DonorsChoose.org?
5. Who are the clients/customers of DonorsChoose.org?
6. What factors helped the organization grow in its initial stage?
7. What challenges did the organization face in its national expansion?
8. What are the organization’s main sources of funding?
9. What are some of the business design features that favor donors versus teacher/students (Hint: in the DonorsChoose.org Model section)?
10. How does the organization measure its impact? What do you think of the ways Best has chosen to measure impact in each area?
11. What have you learned from this case in terms of how to successfully create and expand a nonprofit organization?
You will use the Q& A format for this case analysis, and keep in mind that you need to elaborate your answers, which means that I expect your answer to each question to be at least a paragraph and not a short sentence or bullet points.
The case analysis should be double-spaced, in a 12-point Times New Roman font, and with 1-inch margin.
The grade for this case study assignment is based on the originality, insightfulness, and overall quality of your analyses. Other factors in your grade are (1) adherence to any guidelines distributed in class; (2) style, grammar, reference of the paper; and (3) your ability to express critical thinking.
Must use two references the first one is the case and the second one is the organization website