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Project #3 – Ch. 6: Crime, Violence, and Criminal Justice
Prepare a report in which you present both the good points and bad points about each of the four major reasons given for imprisoning people: retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and incapacitation. When applicable or available, present data to support your assertions about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) for the various reasons.

Project #4 – Ch. 7: Sexuality
In order to consider your own sexuality and to recognize the normative and cultural foundations of sexuality, respond to the following realities:
(1) Prostitution can be very lucrative for some, in many cases earning more than the average college graduate. Given this, why, then, will very few if any female students in this class become prostitutes?
(2) Most college students are unmarried and in their “biological prime,” yet most do not engage in sex on a regular basis. Why?
Note: In responding to these questions, assess your answers from the sociological perspective on deviant behavior.

Project #5 – Ch. 9: Physical and Mental Health
Prepare a report that presents both “pro” and “con” arguments regarding the issue of one having “the right to die.” In addition, present a brief summary or analysis of recent legal cases related to this issue, such as those of the medical doctor known to some as “Doctor Death,” who helped terminally ill patients commit painless suicide.