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Unit 2 DB: Maturity in the Business Sense (BUS411)
Unit 2 DB: Maturity in the Business Sense
How much of an impact does the “maturity” level of the industry or company have on strategy?
How can you be innovative in a mature industry?
How can you be conservative in an introductory/rapid growth situation?
Should you be conservative?
Back up your assertions with resources and readings from the course, and your own research or experience.

Unit 2 DB: Labor Law Compliance(HRM411)
Unit 2 DB: Labor Law Compliance
Union officials often complain that employers regularly violate U.S. Labor Laws with relative impunity resulting in the failure of unions to successfully organize workers needing their representation. Employers disagree and complain that union organizers regularly harass and intimidate their workers when trying to organize them.
During a union organizing campaign, employers seek to convince their workers to vote against unionization. From what you have learned or personally experienced how likely are employers to comply with NLRB rules. Cite examples.