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Case #1-Airbnb in 2018
1.  How would you illustrate & compare the business models for Airbnb, large hotel chains such as Marriott and Hilton and bed & breakfast operators?  Use the example chart in the textbook for business models as a guide (p 13 & 14)
2.  What are the general strengths & weaknesses of a large hotel chain like Marriott; bed& breakfasts and Airbnb?  Explain how you would compare/contrast those businesses.
3.  In what ways has the lodging consumer changed and how does Airbnb’s value proposition meet this change?
4.  What factors may determine the success or failure of Airbnb?
5. What recommendations would you make to Airbnb to improve its competitiveness in the accommodation market while mitigating any current and future risks. 

See attachment of the pages of the Case. 
The answers for each question should be well detailed and well written. A total of 5 pages concise and well written pages is recommended.