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Include your name, the number and name of this course, the name of the assignment, for example, (Reading Response: The Dream Theories of Jung and Hall), and the due date on the upper left corner of the first page.

FORMAT: Each response is a (minimum) 2-paged typed (double-spaced) response to the assigned reading. Type in a Word document in Arial 12 Font. Then copy and paste or upload to Canvas.
GUIDELINES:  Please note: DO NOT “agree” or “disagree” with the author’s point of   view here. This is not a position paper. Your response should demonstrate comprehension, not argument.

 Based on your reading(s), consider the following:

What is the author trying to say? What is/are the main point(s) of this reading? Support your discussion with a quote or quotes that communicate(s) (one of) the main idea(s) of the article.
How does this reading address the power and complexity of images?
How do ideas in this reading connect with your own experience?

Failure to follow the format and guidelines above will result in a lower grade. As time permits, students may be asked to contribute their ideas and/or experiences to an in-class discussion of each article.