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Conduct a Personal Inventory
The first way to find a good topic is to conduct what we call a personal inventory. A personal inventory is a detailed and descriptive list about an individual. In this case, we want you to think about you. Here are some basic questions to get you started:

WhatÂ’s your major?
What are your hobbies?
What jobs have you had?
What extracurricular activities have you engaged in?
What clubs or groups do you belong to?
What political issues interest you?
Where have you traveled in life?
What type of volunteer work have you done?
What goals do you have in life?
What social problems interest you?
What books do you read?
What movies do you watch?
What games do you play?
What unique skills do you possess?

Answer each of the questions posed for the Personal Inventory. Then, suggest a possible topic you could cover for a Technical Speech, an Informative Speech, and a Persuasive Speech.