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Reminder: Each week I will share some helpful tips based on prior NR714 sessions. These will cover the most common missteps identified for the particular week. I am hoping the tips will be a helpful tool for students throughout the term.
Week 2: Helpful Hints

For Week 2, when appraising your selected research study, begin with the John Hopkins Research Appraisal Tool. This tool guides you in a thorough critique and appraisal that leads to determining the level of evidence and grade of evidence for each individual study.
Once you are finished with the Johns Hopkins Research Appraisal Tool, transfer your findings to the Johns Hopkins Evidence Summary Tool.
Some tips for completing the Johns Hopkins Evidence Summary Tool include:

in column #2 insert the selected research study in APA format,
in Column 3 state the specific type of quantitative research design used (in week 2 you want to state whether this is descriptive, quasi-experimental, experimental, etc.),
describe in detail the sample and study findings in the appropriate columns, and
in the last column please insert both the level of evidence and grade of evidence.

Articles selected for appraisal must be current – within the past five years. 
If you are unsure if an article meets the research design requirement (quantitative research for week 2), please feel welcome to run it by me to make sure.
At the end of your appraisal, if you do not think the research study will inform your practice problem, you will need to substitute the publication with another that does. This is required for the Week 6 paper.
When you are ready to upload your initial post, please upload your completed Johns Hopkins Evidence Summary Tool along with a PDF version of your two selected quantitative research studies. I need to read each of your studies along with reviewing your completed Johns Hopkins Evidence Summary Tool.  Please note: you do not need to upload your completed Johns Hopkins Research Appraisal Tool. 
Please follow the Chamberlain Guidelines for Writing Professional Papers for APA formatting of citations and references (begins on page 6) (attached).
Students are expected to follow proper APA formatting in each weekly discussion.