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School violence is of growing concern to law enforcement and almost never occurs without warning. Examine the main motivation(s) of school violence and give your opinion as to what the schools should do to prevent school violence. Provide a rationale for your response.
Imagine that you are the director of the training academy for the police or sheriff’s department chief in your city. Develop the first three (3) steps of a plan which you would implement to ensure the department is properly trained for the possible occurrence of a workforce violence incident in your locality.
250 words or more 
Patrol Strategies” Please respond to the following:
Read the article titled “Proactive Patrolling through the Use of Patrol Scripts”, located here. Review the three (3) elements of the crime triangle and give your opinion as to how they contribute to crime. 
Compare and contrast the main relative strengths and weaknesses of foot patrol and automobile patrol. Explore how police can combine these two (2) patrol methods to enhance the effectiveness of patrol efforts. Support your response.
Imagine that you are the director of an inner-city school district’s school police. Propose how you would implement at least one (1) of the patrol strategies discussed in the textbook to improve the overall safety and security for the students that attend schools in your district.